MMJ FinSol

MMJ FinSol continues to work to hard to find the best available solutions for Banking, Merchant Processing and Loans to meet the needs of dispensaries, cultivators, ancillary, hemp, CBD, and other high risk businesses.

Company Founder Wayne Weisenfluh and Co-Founder Philippa Burgess started working in the cannabis industry in Colorado in 2014. They are both committed to building a company that serves their customers for the long term with integrity, transparency, and consistency. Together with their team members are always an advocate for their clients who are typically business owners across the cannabis, hemp and CBD supply chain. They trust their clients will look to MMJ Fin Sol for their financial service solutions now and in the future as event more new and better opportunities present themselves.

Wayne, Philippa and every member of their team are client-focused and solutions-oriented with a solid understanding of the best available financial services options for cannabis businesses.
MMJ Fin Sol values trust, loyalty and integrity. They attract and serve customers who have an interest in compliance and transparency. With the right partners and team members in place, the business has continued to excel.

MMJ FinSol is a proud member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA).