Legacy Cash Transport Items below

MMJ FinSol understands the challenge of “Legacy Cash” for cannabis businesses.

Thanks to our participating banks, we are able to offer full service banking and with our Legacy Cash Transport can get your cash deposited into a cannabis friendly bank. Your money will now be at a real and full-service bank ready to use in any way you want. Check writing ability, wire transfer, CDs, investments, diversification, etc.

When we take possession of the cash we will take full responsibility for the money with insured and secured transport. Once the cash is deposited you will have no threat of the banking shutting you down.

With this new service, Dispensary owners, Cultivators or any other Cannabis Business can now relax and be very confident that your money is able to safely get to a bank and where it is ready to use when needed. Full details available upon request.

If you have cash in a home safe, an underground bunker, or a bank vault, etc., then reach out to us and let us help you with Legacy Cash Transport. We will make a personal logistic plan for your needs.