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Merchant Account Solutions

We understand that obtaining a high-risk merchant account might seem difficult. We are here to put you and your business at ease. We know what you have gone through trying to get a merchant account that doesn't come with the threat of being shut down or frozen. Let us show you compliant options that will enable you to succeed in getting a secure and compliant merchant processing account.


Credit Card Processing

We are experts at getting approval and competitive rates for high-risk merchants. The approval process is simple and streamlined. We have dedicated account managers and compliance specialists to help you understand the options and move through the on-boarding process. Once your application and all of the supporting documents are submitted you can be accepting credit cards in as little as 7-10 business days.


Accept Credit Cards at Your Dispensary

Whether you are a dispensary, wholesale or ancillary in cannabis, we can help you accept credit cards at your location. This isn't a pre-loaded card or any type of financial work-around. We give you the ability to accept traditional credit card payments from customers with a full compliant and secure solutions.


Online Orders for CBD

Accept credit cards for online CBD sales and delivery services. We make it easy. Let your customers order on their mobile device or from their computer. In a challenging landscape we are your resource for the most compliant solutions that are going to be compatible with your e-commerce platform and the types of products you sell.